Sydney’s Abseiling Window Cleaning Experts

Mark Knight was responsible for pioneering commercial abseiling in Sydney, NSW. Up until 1994, the Sydney Opera House had been cleaned using a cherry picker. This method was both unsafe and unsightly. The cherry picker was too heavy for the floating slab it was precariously situated on and there was the possible danger of the slab collapsing under the weight of the cherry picker. Through his experience of working on oil rigs and time spent on rock climbing, Mark Knight saw a practical application for abseiling in commercial window cleaning. He led the way for abseiling window cleaning on high rise buildings in Sydney with the Opera House being his highest profile project to date. Mark gathered other industry representatives and together they lobbied Work Cover to approve abseiling in NSW. He achieved this magnificent feat by taking Work Cover reps abseiling on high rise buildings in Sydney so that they could see first-hand just how safe and secure abseiling is for window cleaning. Now, Avoclean leads the field in commercial abseiling and has a long-standing, impressive safety record that is second to none. Avoclean upholds this tradition till this very day,and is always on the lookout for innovative ways to implement more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly methods of window cleaning.