Klinch Tool Tethers

Avoclean were consulted on the design Klinch™ Tool Lanyards which we now use with our everyday business. The Klinch system is ideal for our workers to prevent tools from being dropped and injuring workmates or pedestrians; and from damaging property or plant. It allows our employees to work efficiently without lanyards which can become entangled.

The beauty of the Klinch system is the automatic switching mechanism that it allows workers to intuitively interchange their tools. The short lanyard on the tools allows workers to easily switch over and use multiple tools without the lanyards becoming entangled. It has many benefits over retractable cord reels that restricted tool movement and can interfere with safety harnesses and apparatus. The device is high strength whist being lightweight, and durable.


The Gutter-Vac a vacuum is specifically designed with custom made attachments to effectively remove debris in difficult places better than any other cleaning method. Each vacuum unit incorporates “wet-dry” technology so sludge and other wet materials pose it no problem. The debris is removed into large drums; it is easily taken off site with no mess left behind.


Avoclean provides consultancy on major construction work in terms of effective and efficient access methods. Contacting us early in the design phase can ensure that your building maintenance costs and timings will be efficient and minimal once the project is complete and cleaning is required.

Bangaroo, the new harbour side development, have used the consulting services of Avoclean to develop efficient external access systems for long term cost efficiency when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Avoclean also consulted on the access system design of Sydney City Westfield built beneath AMP Tower and the new access system of the Sydney Opera House.