Purified Window Washing System

Where access allows, Avoclean uses a high wash system that allows windows to be spotlessly cleaned, without leaving streak marks. The Purified Window Washing System uses deionized water fed through a pole topped with a with a soft bristled brush.


The process both cleans and rinses the window. The added advantage is that the extendable poles remove the need for the use of ladders, therefore providing a safe workplace for our technicians and those around them. The method is faster and more effective, aiding cost efficiency.


The Water used in the Purified Window Washing System is low flow deionized water. This is water has had its mineral ions removed. This includes the cations from sodium, calcium, iron, and copper, along with anions such as chloride and sulphate. These minerals cause streaks – by removing them you can eradicate streaks The bonus is the absence of chemical detergents, thus increasing the speed of cleaning and reducing water and chemical costs.


Avoclean was the first company in Sydney to implement the new pole trigger kit on all Purified Window Washing Systems. This environmentally friendly initiative enables operators to work more efficiently while saving significantly more water.